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February 26, 2015

Updates on sports concussions

A concussion consists of clinical symptoms stemming from a brain shaken by external forces. It is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and is sometimes called a “mild TBI,” although this term is used for injuries other than those sustained in s...

January 20, 2015

From the Ground Up

How one Florida school brought football to campus with the help of its basketball team For years, Tony Medina wanted to start a football program at Faith Christian Academy, a K-12 school of 600 students in Orlando, Florida, that is affiliated with...

January 20, 2015

Two passing plays from Urban Meyer

The Ohio State football coach opened his playbook for Coach and Athletic Director Urban Meyer, head coach of the 2015 national champion Ohio State Buckeyes, was featured as the cover story in the August 2012 edition of Coach and Athletic Director ...

January 20, 2015

Purple & Gold Standard

Ruffin McNeil discusses East Carolina’s success and why nothing’s better than coaching football East Carolina University football coach Ruffin McNeill is a product of his environment, and that just happens to be perfect for a man deter...

January 20, 2015

Addressing Agility and Skill Specificity Year-Round

Change of direction (COD) is not only inherent in just about every athletic endeavor; it is viewed by many as one of the most important movement constituents in physical development. As vital as straight-line speed may be, very few sports — with tr...

November 29, 2014

Is your program equipped to protect athletes?

This fall, the University of Michigan football program drew criticism after quarterback Shane Morris took a nasty blow to the head, left the game for a short time and was reinserted into the game after being reviewed by doctors. It was later revealed...

October 30, 2014

Parents brawl gets teams banned from youth football playoffs

We’ve heard of football teams being banned after players fight on the field — in fact, we wrote about it last week — but here’s a story where parents are the ones to blame.Two Washington youth football teams are finished for the season after pare...

October 29, 2014

Rival football team forfeits division title in wake of shooting

The Marysville-Pilchuck High School football team was supposed to play for its league championship last Friday, but a deadly school shooting earlier the same day made it impossible.Football could wait.But instead of rescheduling the game, conference ...

October 29, 2014

Team hazing allegedly included ’waterboarding’

Hazing allegations have ended another high school football team’s season, this time in Pennsylvania.The Intelligencer reports that the Central Bucks West High School football team has been suspended following allegations of “waterboarding” and oth...

October 15, 2014

Sayreville football parent discusses details of ’hazing’ incidents

Last week, we posted news about a New Jersey high school that cancelled its entire football season over hazing allegations. Some questioned why it was necessary to go to such an extreme, but now we may know posted a story days later sourci...

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