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Coach and Athletic Director

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Athletic Director Feature Articles

When one hears the word, "negotiations," it is commonly assumed that it is being used in connection with proposed salaries and benefits...

An AD's Annual Checkup
As part of the approach to good health, we have long been advised to visit our dentist twice a year.  As we reach our 50's, our primary physician continues to suggest an annual physical to make sure that everything is fine...

Balancing Your Position and Family
Our position as an athletic director is extremely time-intensive, demanding, and at times, unforgiving.  It is not uncommon to have our contests scheduled every day of the week, some during the evening in either the stadium or gym, and even some on Saturdays.  Our one free day of the week is Sunday...

Combating Increased Violence at Games
Despite the best efforts of our athletic directors, there has been a significant increase in violence at our sporting events.  Usually it has very little to do with the athletes on the field or court. Instead, it centers on those attending and hanging around the games – and not necessarily fans...

Communication 101 for the AD
Is there a more important skill for an athletic director to possess than the ability to communicate effectively? We are often judged, whether fairly or unfairly, on our proficiency to inform, explain, persuade or promote our program either verbally or in written form...

Contingency Plans
Considering the complexity of our positions, the number of participants, coaches, and contests that we direct, and the endless responsibilities we have, something surely has to go wrong sometimes...

Controlling Interruptions
Does anyone doubt that the passage of time complicates the Athletic Director position? Almost monthly, it inherits new responsibilities without disinheriting the old...

11 Tips for Conducting Effective, Efficient Meetings
July/August, 2013 — Even though technology may increase the speed and ease of communication, there are still valid reasons for holding meetings. When everyone is assembled at one time and location

Emergency Game Management
Over a four-day period last winter, I had to battle a bad case of the flu and I came out the winner-I didn't miss a day of school...

Every Minute Counts
Between meetings, appointments, and perhaps teaching a class – if you still have one – our daily schedules have a number of built-in time restrictions.  When you also consider your, “To Do List,” there will be some tasks that may take a considerable amount of uninterrupted time to complete...

Female Sports Can Be Revenue Generators
Your female sports teams are capable of generating revenue for your athletic program. Do not overlook them.

Facing Additional Responsibilities and Time Constraints
May/June, 2014 — With tight budgets and reductions in staffs, superintendents and principals have to shuffle tasks and duties to other individuals in order to keep things going at the school. Unfortunately, you might be asked to add more to your plate.

For Better Organization
The athletic directors in Baltimore County were recently given a new responsibility that lengthened their schedule by approximately 20 hours...

Game Scheduling Basics
It is not unusual for many leagues to provide the basic schedule for all sports and an athletic director simply has to find opponents for non-league, open dates. This is a great start if you find yourself in this situation...

Give Your Non-Core Sports The Attention They Deserve
Non-core sports may not be revenue generators but the less-publicized sports at your school still need your focus.

8 More Unique Ideas To Promote Non-Core Sports
Here are eight more ways to ensure that you are promoting your non-core sports enough.

Handling Frustration in Your Position
As an A.D., one of the first things you are going to realize is that life can be frustrating but that you don’t have to enjoy those occasions as long as you understand the dynamics behind them. That being said, you need to develop an approach for dealing with the frustrations...

Help with the Recruiting Process
Perhaps due to the escalating costs of a college education or simply a desire to help their child, more parents than ever are seeking help with the college athletic recruiting process...

Helping Whenever It Is Needed!
Athletes, coaches, administrators, booster clubs, and even teachers within the school building are often called upon for help...

How to Work with Someone You Don't Like
No matter how positive, enthusiastic, fair and conscientious you are, you may have to work with a few individuals who cause you problems. They could be naysayers, complainers, backstabbers, overbearing ... well, you get the idea...

Is Your Job Safe?
October, 2014 — The following suggestions may help to ensure that you aren’t blindsided and that you have some protection in your position.

Little Things Can Make a Difference
Time management and organizational skills are definitely vital in the survival of athletic administration.  Even the little things that appear to have minor importance can turn out to be extremely helpful...

Mentoring Your Coaches
Since mentoring has never been a generic art form, there are several things you may want to consider when implementing or restructuring a mentoring program for your coaches...

Negotiations and the Athletic Director
Marhc/April, 2014 — To be successful in the negotiation process, both sides have to understand the individual or organization sitting on the other side of the table and see if common ground can be found.

Overcoming and Surviving a Mistake
As an athletic administrator, we don't want to work overtime to avoid making mistakes. But to err is human, and every once in a while everyone will make a mistake...

Planning Strategies for Athletic Administrators
July/August, 2014 — The process of planning is vital and imperative for the athletic administrator. You may have heard the maxim, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Professional Involvement
At a recent regional athletic directors' meeting, a colleague of mine from another state not only announced his retirement but, between all the well wishing, felt obliged to tell us the secret behind his long and distinguished career...

Protecting Your Coaches
Athletic directors wear many different hats. Probably the most important of them is for the protection of their coaches...

Providing Help for the Athletic Director
May/June, 2013 — There should be little debate that an athletic administrator has an extremely busy and demanding position. The job is so complex and encompassing that even knowledgeable and experienced individuals may occasionally need help. Where do you go?

The A.D. as the Public Relations Practicioner
January, 2014 — In your role as the public relations director, here are some ideas to help in this pursuit.

The Role Of Summer Camps In Recruiting
Summer sports camps held at colleges and universities are being used to recruit athletes. Find out why.

Shared Facility Funding: Field Of Broken Promises
As the trend toward private funding of athletic facilities continues, one high school's failed funding model reminds A.D.s to be wary of what they ask for.

16 Lessons for Guiding Non-Teacher Coaches
October, 2013 — Since non-teacher coaches aren’t in the building to interact with the athletes, they may not possess a real understanding of the workings and climate of a school. And most likely, community coaches also don’t understand the basic tenets of education-based athletes. 

Surviving and Thriving with Committee Work
September, 2014 — The life of an athletic administrator usually includes a variety of responsibilities, and there is a very good chance that he or she has to serve on a committee or perhaps even serve as the leader of one or more.

Surviving the Slings and Arrows
People who have seen me doing more of our family shopping at a Target store wonder if it has anything to do with the prices or the brands that the store carries...

Ten Deadly Sins for ADs
With all of the responsibilities that an athletic director has and all the time he spends on them, he still leaves plenty of room for mistakes. To survive and flourish in an athletic administration, he will surely be called upon to face some of the biggest problems in the house. We call them the 10 deadly sins, and unless you go on and conquer most or all of them, you're going to be in big trouble...

The Best In The Business
University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley implemented and fostered a plan that has fashioned Gators athletics into a model of consistency – and the envy of the nation – on and off the field...

The Dearth of Women Athletic Directors
An old friend who has been involved with athletics his entire adult life recently made an observation to me that proved he was not involved as much as he should have been about a questions asked of him: "Why aren't more women serving as athletic directors?  Shouldn't there be?"

The King of Queens
Like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, Jack Curran is a treasured institution in New York City...

The Three Most Important AD Qualities
When people ask me to specify the three most important qualities needed by an athletic director, I tend to respond off the top of my head, especially when I do not have the time to sort out all of the possibilities...

Timing is Everything
We often get so wrapped up in our own little world of athletics that we may forget that timing is everything.  Years ago, someone pulled me aside and pointed out that it is important to know when to approach your principal, with a request for money or help...

Use E-mail to Your Advantage
Even if my incoming phone calls are being screened by the answering machine at my desk, the phone remains the most intrusive part of my day...

What About Bob?

When it comes to the game's great managers, Bobby Cox is somewhat overlooked and underappreciated for what he has accomplished on the baseball diamond. Cox is one of the most successful managers in history, having won 14 division titles, five pennants, and a World Series (1995). He has been named the Manager of the Year four times in three different decades (1985, 1991, 2004-05) and is only one of two managers to have won the award in both the American and National Leagues. During a late season roadtrip, Cox granted Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director an exclusive interview inside the Atlanta Braves' clubhouse...

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