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Baseball Feature Articles

A Beautiful Mind
St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa is baseball's best strategist...

A Scientific Slump Cure
Baseball hitters at all levels of play experience slumps.  Normally good hitters go through periods where they can’t even buy a base hit.  A whole body of baseball myth and folklore has sprung up through the years around just how to break a slump...

An Infield Drill Series With Winning Reps
As a high school baseball coach, I used to find it difficult to coach everyone at the same time. I often had to struggle to get my infielders a lot of repetitions in practice ... until I found out what could be done with one fungo hitter, a bucket of balls, and an idea - that an infielder could do something with every ground ball that he fields, either throw across to first base or work on a double-play feed...

High school coaches do not have to target and recruit athletes to fit a specific philosophy.  Since most schools have a roster of decent athletes who are eager and teachable, the coaches need merely adapt to the athleticism of the players...

Giving Your Team a Chance to Win With a Winning Defensive Practice
With fall baseball season just around the corner, I would like to share some of the things we do at Rogers H.S., particularly in the way we challenge defensive situations...

He Built It and They Came
In 1977, Gene Stephenson took over a non-existent baseball program at Wichita State. Since then, he has solidified his legendary rating as one of the premier coaches in college baseball en route to elevating the Shockers— the winningest Division I program over the last three decades— to elite status. Stephenson is the second-winningest coach (1,605-533-3 in 30 seasons) in the game behind Texas’ Augie Garrido, who has 1,629-755-8 record over 39 seasons. Under Stephenson’s leadership, the Shockers have made seven College World Series, winning in 1989. They are considered the benchmark for developing a winning tradition from scratch...

Outfielders Need Instruction Too
Too many coaches don't spend enough time on outfield defense, use these strategies and drills to improve your outfielders' play.

The Joe Torre Story
The Yankees skipper has earned his pinstripes through 10 seasons in The Bronx...

The Priority System in Baseball
A collision or near-collision between two outfielders, two infielders, or an infielder and an outfielder can prove costly during a ball game.  It usually occurs between a pair of determined, aggressive players, who fail to hear, see or take charge of an otherwise simple play...

Turning Your 'Throwers' Into Pitchers
Finding kids with live arms usually poses a problem.  At every level from the Little League to the big leagues, you can find young pitchers with the ability to do it, depending greatly on how they are coached...

Urban Baseball
I haven't had a problem filling out a roster, but I have had a problem filling it with quality players.  We can always find two or three players who can play with anybody, but getting a solid nine is hard for us."

Utilizing Situational Hitting to Improve your Fielding and Baserunning
How many times in a close game have you had a runner make a mistake on the bases that might have cost you a big inning?

Working Up the Pitcher's Starting Routine
Watch any quality major league pitcher prepare for a start and you will discover that he is observing an established routine.  Once the routine is developed over a period of trial and error and the pitcher knows that it is working for him, we will expect him to use it every time he goes to the mound...

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