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Basketball Feature Articles

2 More Plays To Create Mismatches
This is the continuation of the March 2011 article by John Kimble about plays that create mismatches.

Billy the Kid is All Grown Up
At the tender age of 40, Billy Donovan, the former Providence gunslinger, became one of only three men (Dean Smith and Bobby Knight being the others) to both play in the Final Four and win a national championship as a head coach...

Brenda Star
Combining a dynamic personality, a dogged determination, and an infectious enthusiasm, Maryland's Frese has arrived as an upper echelon coach...

Champaign Toast
Bruce Weber has made Illinois the big one in the Big Ten...

Chip Off the Old Block
John Thompson III may be a legacy at Georgetown, but he’s proven after three seasons that he’s no daddy’s boy...

Continuous Offense: Secondary Fastbreaks Part V
Much has been written on how our basketball coaches use their primary and secondary fastbreaks to attack the various phases of transition defenses...

Defending Various Delay Offenses
Last month we discussed a specific plan on how to defend the “Four-Corners” delay game.  There are many other forms of delay games that offenses utilize for last second shots at the end of time periods and to preserve leads late in games.  A good coaching staff should have a defensive game plan for other types of delay offenses such as the three offenses mentioned below...

Dressed For Success
With his Armani suits and slicked back hair, Pat Riley has brought style and panache to the hardwood. He is perhaps the most recognizable coach in sports. Sartorial splendor aside, the man who presided over "Show Time" in Los Angeles and not only coined the term three-peat, he trademarked it, is a proven winner and surefire Hall of Famer. During his 20-year coaching career Riley has amassed nearly 1,100 victories, second all-time to Lenny Wilkins, and was voted among the NBA's Top 10 Coaches of All-Time. He possesses six championship rings, including one as a player. What's more, his corporate speeches have earned him the title of "America's Greatest Motivational Speaker." When Riley articulates his views, people listen. We were all ears when the president and head coach of the Miami Heat granted Scholastic Coach & Athletic Director an exclusive and stimulating interview...

Inbounding the Basketball
Following is a defensively sound scenario that will serve the basketball coaching staff well at the high school and college levels...

Intense Situation Coaching In Basketball
Following is a defensively sound scenario that will serve the basketball coaching staff well at the high school and college levels...

The 5 on 4 Scramble
Several years ago, our varsity basketball team was struggling through the first half of its season, and it was beginning to affect the way it was practicing. By compromising our work ethic in practice, we had reached the point where one negative was feeding off the other...

The Bear Necessities
Kim Mulkey-Robertson is waking up Waco...

The Big Cheese
He's beloved in the Dairy State and revered in the Big Ten but it's about time Wisconsin's Bo Ryan receive overdue national recognition...

The Gold Standard
As one of the most highly decorated women’s basketball players in U.S. history, Hall of Famer Anne Donovan will lead the charge at the Beijing Olympic Games...

Try This Aggressive Half-Court Defense
University of North Carolina assistant coach Steve Robinson breaks down an extremely successful and aggressive half-court defense.

Zone Attack Principles
The zone defense remains the scourge of our basketball coaches. Many of them simply rely on superior talent to break all the zone defenses they face. Both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams at the 2006 FIBA World Championships were prime examples...

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