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Football Feature Articles

Iowa's 6-Minute Tackling Circuit
The tackling drills that the Iowa football team runs through on a daily basis under head coach Kirk Ferentz.

A Beam of Light
Frank Beamer's vision that Virginia Tech would one day become a national contender has come...

Ball Disruptions In Football: Winning With Defense
At Apache Junction H.S., we believe our defense has as much responsibility as our offense in winning football. We try to achieve this by creating turnovers and scoring points. We have had considerable success at this. We led the state in takeaways last season with 62 in 14 games!

Basics of Match-Up Zone Coverage
Remember the way John Wooden used to play defense at UCLA? It was a thing of such beauty and simplicity that football coaches began adopting pieces of it in the training of their secondary backs...

Big Plays Don't Happen Without Winning Wideouts
Although it may simply be an issue of semantics, I have never liked the idea of labeling a player a “Big Play” wide receiver.  All players, including wide receivers, are expected to work to make every play a big play...

Blue Man Group
While they may play on the fabled blue turf and are perceived as offensive tricksters, Chris Petersen’s Boise State football program takes pride in its blue collar approach...

Brian Kelly's Big Run Play, TD Pass Play
The Notre Dame head football coach is sure to run these two plays that he used when leading Cincinnati - one is to open the field for a big rushing play while the other is a simple, 10-yard touchdown pass.

Brian Kelly's Botched Field Goal Turns Into Touchdown
The Notre Dame coach preaches being prepared for any situation, including a breakdown on special teams.

Climbing the Mountain Top
Rich Rodriguez returned to his roots and has West Virginia on the fast track to national prominence...

Defending The Double Wing Part I
Learn the rules for all of your defensive players in stopping the Double Wing.

Defending The Double Wing Part II
Specific defensive play calls to snuff out the Double Wing.

Defending The Trips Formation
The popular Trips offensive formation can be snuffed out with the proper defense.

Defense in the "Coming Out" Zone
Ask any football coach in the world and he will tell you that the most important area or zone on the football field is the "Red Zone." He will also tell you that the success or failure of a team will usually ride on how well it executes in the 20 to goal line area...

Defensive Line Techniques and Drills from the 43 Defense, Part I
Coaching is a world of give and take and I know that in my last years as a coach, I have certainly bent the ears of many great coaches in developing my philosophies and techniques of defensive line play...

Defensive Line Techniques and Drills From the 43 Defense, Part II
There are four basic combination blocks that we cover in our daily practices. Depending on the type of offense we face each week, we determine which ones to put more emphasis on: double team, scoop-on, scoop-off, and pull with a down block...

Developing the Defensive Back
The difference between winning and losing a football game is often directly attributed to the quality of play from the defensive secondary...

Drills to Develop Man-to-Man Coverage Skills for Defensive Backs
Man-to-man coverage begins with the proper alignment of the defensive backs to the receivers at the LOS. This will normally place the corner backs 5-7 yards off of the LOS, with an inside shade on the receivers...

Dynamic Drills To Improve Your Team's Tackling
These drills stress the fundamentals of tackling, which help develop better tacklers...and, ultimately, gives your defenders confidence in their individual abilities.

Friday Night Lights
Todd Dodge has maintained and enhanced the longstanding tradition at Southlake (TX) Carroll High...

Game Planning vs. the Run
Probably the most vital decision you will have to make in your game planning is what kind of key coverages to use. Most of them will fit into one of the four basic types: zone, man to man, combination, or blitz...

Game Planning Your Defensive Coverages
Probably the most vital decision you will have to make in your game planning is what kind of key coverages to use. Most of them will fit into one of the four basic types: zone, man to man, combination, or blitz...

Iowa Wide Receiver Blocking Drills
Find out how head Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz turns his wide receivers into serviceable blockers to fuel a high-powered running attack.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Notre Dame has entrusted alum Charlie Weis as the man to recapture the football program's proud legacy...

Man of the (Big) House
Lloyd Carr presides over the nation’s all-time winningest college football program...

Man on a Mission
J.T. Curtis, Jr. has maintained the academic/athletic excellence and tradition set forth by his late father, John Sr., at John Curtis Christian High School (River Ridge, LA) en route to becoming the second winningest H.S. football coach in the country...

Maximizing Practice Time for the Wing-T Offensive Line
Offensive line coaches can borrow a phrase from high school English teachers as a guiding principle in the use of alliteration: “Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Poor Performance Pain.”

On the War (Eagle) Path
Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville has every right to be mad after his program was denied a shot at its first national title.  Instead, he's focused on guiding the Tigers to the BCS Championship Game and leaving no doubts...

Pass Blocking System: Easy and Efficient
One of the oldest-and best-of our football clichés is the put-down of the forward pass: "Whenever you throw a football, three things can happen and two are bad."

Principles of Linebacker Play Teaching Progression
We teach our linebackers how to play our style of football with a progression that we use every day at practice in addition to spring drills and early-preseason practice...

Punt Returns By The "100s"
One of our major convictions as a football coach is that our punt-block team can make a difference. We call that team the "100s". It applies pressure on every snap with a 10-man front, but we do not try to block every punt. We just want the threat to be there...

Putting Your Spread Offense In the Hands of Your Receivers
At Mendocino College, we run a spread offense that relies heavily on the production of our receivers...

Quarterbacking: "The Ritual"
The Quarterbacking “Ritual” can easily become a 20-30 minute practice routine, as well as being reduced/condensed to a pre-game routine...

Smoke The Defense
It's third and long, an obvious pass situation for your team. Or it's first and 10 for your pass-oriented team. Your opponent is coming with a heavy rush, including blitzes and stunts, to pressure the quarterback. There are more rushers than blockers. Or the opponent is dropping seven or eight defenders to cover the pass...

Stack 3-3 Five-Man Zone Blitzes
This article is an addendum to the article "Stack 3-3 Zone Blitzes" published here in August 2006...

Stack 3-3 Zone Blitzes
To combat the rising tide of spread offenses, many colleges and high schools are adopting the 3-3-5 or 3-5-3 defense. The 3-3's flexibility and adaptability can help pressure the passers and cover multiple receivers and formations. With eight defenders close to the ball, the formation makes it hard to determine which of the defenders are going to rush and which are going drop...

The 4-3 as a H.S. Defense
The 4-3 defense has enjoyed a resurgence at every level of football since the late 1980's thanks much to (1) Jimmy Johnson at the U. of Miami and the Dallas Cowboys, (2) the popularity of one-back and spread offenses, (3) the increased emphasis on passing, and (4) the even-front defense...

Time Related Defenses
Every football defense is constantly affected by time-affiliated elements. The way in which these time-sensitive situations are planned and executed will often produce the victory or defeat...

Utilizing The Pistol-Flex Quadruple Option
The Pistol Flex is an offensive philosophy and formation that is a hybrid of two very popular college offensive strategies: the flexbone and the pistol.

Why Every Football Player Should Be Put on Hill Sprints
Football coaches who are always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition or are curious about the kind of training that will make their players faster and stronger are invited to investigate the possibilities of hill sprints and running the bleachers and stairs...

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