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Powerline Feature Articles

Accent On Female Strength Training
Not too long ago, it seemed as if female strength training was on trial and had to be defended before and after every workout...

Addressing Agility and Skill Specificity Year-Round
January 2015 — Change of direction (COD) is not only inherent in just about every athletic endeavor; it is viewed by many as one of the most important movement constituents in physical development.

Athletic Nutrition Bytes: Fueling the Body for Competition
Athletes are taught that being a part of a winning team requires discipline and attention to detail in the classroom, on and off the field, and in the food choices they put on their plate...

Career Path for the Strength/Conditioning Professional
The strength and conditioning profession has certainly burgeoned over the past 30 years in both supply and demand.  Running parallel with this progress has been the heightened interest by many young people in career opportunities in the field...

Chemical Conundrum: Beyond The Mitchell Report
The timeline leading to the release of Senator George Mitchell’s document on the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s) in MLB on December 13, 2007 had a cryptic and inauspicious beginning way back on June 7, 1991...

Create a Conditioning Culture in the Offseason
March/April, 2013 — While the pace is usually frenetic this time of year—and the details often seem overwhelming—there are priorities that cannot get lost in the mayhem. Not all of these components are physical in nature.

Developing a Strong and Powerful Base
July/August, 2013 — The muscle complexes of the lower back, hips and lower extremities act as the body’s base and ballast, providing balance and power in just about every physical activity. Some of the largest muscles in the body are housed in these areas, and they possess significant potential for growth, strength and power improvements.

Don't Neglect The Neck
In football — as well as every other sport where violent collisions are part of the game — developing a strong, sturdy neck is a requisite.

Exercises, Equipment Modes, and Rep Duration
The training landscape is in a state of continual flux, and the ongoing changes, updates, and emergence of proposed cutting-edge devices and techniques makes for interesting and thought-provoking debates among practitioners...

Fast & Furious
Proven ways to improve speed & reaction time.

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Strength and Conditioning Program
January, 2014 — January usually ushers-in the beginning of the offseason strength and conditioning program for a host of sports. Preparation for this crucial period forces coaches to evaluate what they’ve done... 

With all of the trendy strength training approaches available these days, it becomes easy to lose sight of the single-most important premise of all - hard work...

Hard Work Revisited: Strength and Power Points
There were so many positive responses and follow-up questions to the December, 2006 Powerline (Hard Training: Tough Strength Training Strategies), that I thought it would be a good idea to expound on the rationale for this concept and offer further perspectives...

Learning the Ropes
Many years ago, I learned the value of using thick ropes for developing a crushing grip. It was truly an educational experience highlighted with a great deal of initial discomfort and lingering soreness...

Maintaining a Productive In-Season Strength Program
October, 2013 — Some coaches are notorious for running very involved, highly-structured offseason strength training programs and nearly abandoning the entire process during the season. This is unfortunate...

Mentoring, Motivating and Developing Leadership in the Weight Room
May/June, 2014 — At Michigan State, our program goals are as much about building the mind, team chemistry and leadership as they are about developing the raw material of the body. And that focus is embraced, cultivated and embedded in the heartbeat of our strength and conditioning activities for every men’s and women’s sport.

Perspectives on Strength & Conditioning: A Multi-Faceted Profession
May/June, 2013 — I thought it might be helpful to students and current coaches who are contemplating strength and conditioning as a profession at the high school, collegiate or professional levels, to expound on some personal perspectives on this career path.

Prioritizing and Enhancing Summer Conditioning Components
July/August, 2014 — In previous Powerline installments on conditioning, we have discussed the bioenergetics of the anaerobic energy system and how it governs explosive, high intensity activities.

Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Workous
January, 2013 — We call it the “one more rep” mentality. It is a mindset in which we are going to work a little harder, go into a self-induced overtime and maintain a workman-like, overachieving attitude by putting a finishing touch on an otherwise completed workout.

Serious Strength Requires Serious Training
Follow these guidelines for strength and power acquisition.

Sliding into a Strong Core
Core training is one of the current strength and conditioning trends that has launched a multitude of diverse applications and filled the pages of equipment catalogues with a wide array of assistive paraphernalia...

Spartan 300 Training
View Ken Mannie's Powerline Online presentation on the Spartan 300 series in 4 parts...

Strength Training's Bottom Lines
Kim Wood, one of the original strength and conditioning coaches in professional sports, has always provided both the young and old in the field with the little gems of professional wisdom worth tucking away in the memory banks...

Spartan Rotation
Coaches are always searching for conditioning drills that fit the specific needs of their sport while concurrently adding enough variety to keep things interesting and challenging.

Strength, Speed, and Conditioning: Q&A 2008
It’s time once again to reach into the mailbag and scan my e-mail inbox for some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve received in the past year or so...

Strike-Up the Band Training: The Benefits of Variable Resistance
Strength and conditioning coaches are always searching for ways to improve the equipment they have been blessed (or cursed) with...

Tip From The Trenches - Summertime Safety
This Tip From The Trenches is from the May/June 2010 Coach & A.D. issue. and deals with summertime safety.

Training Days
Perhaps the basic responsibility of the strength coach is to sift through his sources of strength-training information and develop a day-to-day program of the exercises that best fit his athletes...

Training the Injured Athlete
As much as we would like to believe that injuries could be prevented, the fact remains that they are an unavoidable part of all sports.  In addition to the physical pain and the impending rehabilitation process, the athlete must deal with the frustration of lost playing time.  This emotional distress can not only affect the athlete, but also transcend to family members, the team, and even the coaches...

Understanding Eccentrics
October, 2014 — In no particular order, here is a short list of the physiological advantages that can be accrued by giving some attention to the eccentric phase of strength training exercises.

Understanding Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports in 2013
February, 2013 — The recent shocking accusations and destructive aftermath surrounding Lance Armstrong’s alleged connection to multiple years of performance-enhancing drug abuse slammed the athletic community on its collective ear.

Understanding the Machinery and Mechanisms of Speed Improvement
March/April, 2014 — Speed training protocols are widely varied and sometimes conflicting. One thing you can be assured of, however, is that they are high on every coach’s priority list.

Why strength training is important for all athletes
September, 2014 — Strength training has become such an integral part of an athlete’s training regimen over the past several decades that you would assume it is universally accepted as standard operating procedure. 

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Coaches and Athletic Directors

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