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Breaking News - January 2012


Date Published

BYU A.D. Calls For Better Sportsmanship After St. Mary's Debacle 1-31-12
Water Fountain Causes Damage, Forces Cancellations 1-31-12
H.S. A.D. Has Donated Blood 150 Times 1-31-12
Pa. Group Raises $1 Million To Upgrade Athletic Facilities At High School 1-30-12
Ejections Climbing In Washington State, Especially in Soccer 1-30-12
Basketball Game Played Wednesday Still Isn't Over 1-27-12
Michigan State To Raise Price Of Football Tickets To Help Spartan Fund 1-27-12
Shock Doctor Expands European Reach 1-26-12
UT-Arlington Opens $78 Million Arena 1-26-12
IHSA Opposes Rule Allowing Athletes To Play But Not Practice If In Military Training 1-26-12
School Divided After Team's Mass Walkout 1-26-12
Tulsa Public Schools AD Resigns Amind Email Hacking Scandal 1-25-12
University of Wisconsin Releases Report On Chadima Resignation 1-25-12
Lessiter Publications Team Sports Division Announces New Appointments 1-24-12
Paterno's Death Means Testimony No Longer Admissible 1-24-12
University of Charleston Hires Stevens As A.D. 1-24-12
LSU's Tiger Stadium Undergoing Renovations 1-23-12
Texas School District Dropping Sports To Improve Grades 1-23-12
Proposed Legislation In Fla. Involving Private Schools Causing Stir 1-20-12
Rice University Preparing For Major Football Stadium Renovations 1-20-12
U Of Michigan A.D. Brandon Doesn't Want Football Playoff 1-20-12
All-Time Winningest Conn. H.S. Hockey Coach Retires 1-19-12
Former Southern U A.D. Found Not Guilty Of Prostitution 1-19-12
OPTP Releases Tola Neuromuscular Release System 1-18-12
Close To 50 Wrestlers Suspended Due To Hazing Allegations 1-18-12
EverWhite Whiteboards Selected As Top 10 Product By AS&U 1-18-12
Tulsa School Receive Lesson In Ethics 1-17-12
State Considers Restructuring Football Classes 1-17-12
Paterno Says He Felt Inadequate To Deal With Sandusky Allegations 1-16-12
School Attempting To Raise $10K To 'Raise The Banner' 1-16-12
Minnesota School Board Discusses Concussion Testing 1-13-12
Board Forces Athletic Directors To Choose Between Jobs 1-13-12
AFCA Conference Social Media Recap 1-13-12
Trying To Stop Bullying 1-12-12
South Dakota Adds 7th Class For HS Football 1-12-12
Conference Commissioners Meet, Playoff To Be Discussed 1-11-12
Reaction To Georgia Holding Separate Playoffs For Private, Public Schools 1-11-12
Todd Bozeman Await Future After Alleged Punching Of Player 1-11-12
Colorado State AD Says New Stadium Will Happen 1-6-12
New California Law Addresses Concussions 1-6-12
UConn Interim AD Withdraws From Running 1-5-12
Winning Revitalizes Baylor Athletics 1-5-12
Could A Mascot Drive Revenue At U Of Michigan? 1-4-12
Gene Bartow, Founding Director Of UAB Athletics, Dies At 81 1-4-12
Schutt Sports Announces New Advanced Football Helmet 1-4-12
Kevin Hoffman Hired As Associate Editor In Team Sports Division 1-3-12
Northern State's Fredrickson Wins No. 700 1-3-12
U Of Portland Names Karen Peters Interim A.D. 1-3-12
Basketball Player's On-Court Actions Spark Outrage 1-1-12
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