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Product Showcase -- Sports Medicine

Mueller Sports Medicine SHOKK Elbow Pads

  • Lightweight elbow pads feature a contour design and built-in stretch panel to minimize bunching near the elbow for a more comfortable fit
  • Abrasion-resistant material covers the foam pad for long-lasting durability
  • Reinforced seams and stretch nylon-trimmed edges help prevent chafing
  • Sold in pairs
 Mueller Sports Medicine SHOKK Elbow Pad

McDavid Sports Med Ultra-Light Ankle Brace

  • McDavid 195 Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace with Strap
  • Ventilated tongue for enhanced breathability
  • High-quality inner lining for maximum comfort
  • Simulates athletic tape with fully adjustable figure-6 straps
  • Straps can be tightened anytime without re-lacing


McDavid Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace 
Active Ankle "Excel" Brace
  • For athletes looking for the best of both worlds: the comfort and mobility of a lace-up with the support and security of a “tape job”
  • Circumferential strap helps stabilize the brace
  • Lacing system tightens all the way around for a better conforming and more comfortable fit
  • Neoprene lined for maximum comfort and fit
  • Nylon eyelets for reducing pressure points
Active Ankle Excel

New Options Sports K2-U PADDED HINGE KNEE

  • 3/16-inch neoprene hinged knee support with universal adjustable buttress to allow for medial, lateral, inferior and superior patella stabilization
  • Sturdy removable multiposition extension hinges with settings at 0-, 15-, 30- and 45-degree extension
  • Superior and inferior contact closure straps help provide additional support for medial or lateral ligament instabilities
  • Ideal for moderate medial/lateral knee instabilities, mild ACL and PCL sprains, patella femoral dysfunction and osteoarthritis
New Options Sports K2-U Padded Hinge Knee Brace 

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

  • U-shape design relieves ankle-joint pressure and provides superior protection
  • Smooth bilateral hinge allows freedom of motion
  • Single quick-fit strap for firm support and adjusts for high- or low-top shoes
  • Non-plastic parts are replaceable for longer life


Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace 

OPTP Stretch EZ

  • The Stretch EZ’s cradle design encompasses the foot
  • The design allows for a comfortable stretch to the foot, heel, Achilles tendon, hamstring, quadriceps, inner/outer thigh and calf
  • This unique stretching aide assists in the treatment of plantar fasciitis and heel spurs
  • It also assists in treating calf, thigh, hip and low-back strains and injuries


OPTP Stretch EZ 

Mueller Sports Medicine Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

  • Designed with unique features to maximize comfort and performance
  • Criss-crossing elastic straps above and below the knee provide self-adjusting support and compression while the new softer, perforated fabric increases breathability for comfortable all-day wear
  • Double inferior buttress helps support the kneecap and assists with proper tracking of the patella
  • Flexible steel springs further help support both sides of the knee and the wraparound design allows easy on/off
Mueller Sports Medicine Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer 


  • Powered by AC adapter or with four AA batteries (all included)
  • Integrated mechanical height rod and automatic Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation quickly and easily
  • Computer outputs (RS-232 and USB) to capture data in Tanita Health Ware or other compatible applications
  • Modular design for easy assembly (no tools required) and 24-hour modular replacement should you ever need it
Tanita WB-3000 Digital Beam Scale With BMI 


  • Designed to limit movement of and support shoulder girdle
  • Can be customized for desired usage...whether for a shoulder stabilizer, post-op treatment, rehabilitation or comfort sling
  • Can be used during competition
  • Soft, velvety VelPlush• ™ material fits right or left shoulder for male and female athletes
 New Option Sports S5 Arm-Adillo Shoulder Stabilizer

Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace

  • Carbon-fiber reinforced shell for support
  • Strengthening ribs for thinner profile and fit in shoe
  • Molded bearing performance hinge for smoother range of motion
  • Single strap with dual fastening options for customized fit
 Active Ankle Volt Ankle Brace

Crocs Prepair Flip

  • Enhances recovery after athletic activity
  • Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/odor-resistant Croslite Ag™ material footbed
  • Lower muscle exertions can provide an improved opportunity for blood flow and fatigue relief, creating greater recovery potential
  • Promotes a natural motion of the foot
  • Footbed conforms creating a custom fit
Crocs Prepair Flip 

Crocs Prepair Slide

  • Enhances recovery after athletic activity
  • Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/odor resistant Croslite™ Ag foot beds
  • Lower muscle exertions can provide an improved opportunity for blood flow and fatigue relief, creating greater recovery potential
  • Promotes a natural motion of the foot
  • Footbed conforms creating a custom fit
Crocs Prepair Slide

Crocs Prepair Clog

  • Enhances recovery after athletic activity
  • Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/odor-resistant Croslite Ag™ footbeds
  • Lower muscle exertions can provide an improved opportunity for blood flow and fatigue relief, creating greater recovery potential
  • Promotes a natural motion of the foot
  • Footbed conforms creating a custom fit
Crocs Prepair Clog

Brain-Pad Mouth Guard

  • Dual-arched design-tested and proven to reduce risk of concussion and internal head trauma from lower-jaw impacts
  • Aligns, secures and cushions lower jaw in safety position while protecting top and bottom teeth
  • Jaw position offers increased constant breathing — even when clenching
  • Flush-front strap attachment offers multi-season, multi-sport use with or without strap in place
Brain-Pad Mouth Guard

Mueller Sports Medicine Whizzer Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray

  • Powerful...Kills HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Hepatitis B & C, and other viruses
  • Kills strep, staph (including MRSA), and fungus germs on contact
  • Whizzer is a cleaner, fungicide, mildewstat, virucide and deoderizer — all in one. EPA Registered
  • Economical - One ounce of concentrate mixed with water makes a gallon of full-strength disinfectant (128 cleanings per gallon.)
  • Apply directly to mats, floors, walls, etc.
Mueller Sports Medicine Whizzer Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray 


  • Neoprene compression strap-band support with gel insert
  • Provides controlled compression over the tendon insert point without decreasing circulation to hands and fingers
  • Gel prohibits pressure from being displace to bony prominences
  • Ideal for Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) or Medial Epicondynitis (Golfer’s Elbow)
New options Sports Tennis Elbow Strap 

Mikasa Sports Kneepads

  • 830 & 832 kneepads are equipped with Microbe Shield Technology
  • Help prevent Staph infections
  • Fight odor by controlling the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Innovative flexibility and advanced patella and leg-joint protection
Mikasa Knee Pads 

Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap

  • The original dual knee strap that provides focused compression on the patellar tendons to reduce knee pain and discomfort
  • Straps provide support and stability to the knee, improve tracking and elevation, and reduce subluxation while allowing full mobility
  • An effective choice for chondromalacia patella, runner’s knee, Osgood-Schlatter disease, subluxating kneecap, patellar tendonitis, ITB Syndrome, knee degeneration and overuse syndromes
  • Available in six sizes for more specific results
 Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap

Mueller Sports Medicine Hg80 Ankle Brace

  • Offers tremendous protection and support
  • Soft to the touch and lightweight
  • Simulates the support received from tape
  • Securely fits around the ankle
  • Extremely easy for players to put on and take off



Mueller Sports Medicine Hg80 Ankle Brace 

OPTP Kinesio Tape

  • Specifically designed to be worn for extended periods of time
  • Kinesio Tape is designed for use during exercise or hydrotherapy
  • Latex-free and has the same elasticity as skin, allowing it to work with your body
  • Water-resistant colors include black, blue, red and beige
 OPTP Kinesio Tape

New Options Sports K18 Osgood Schlater Brace

  • 1/8-inch neoprene with 1/4-inch V-shaped shock absorbing pad to protect tibial tuberosity and reduce pain
  • Lower strap runs through slot to maintain position and desired compression over V-shaped pad
  • Superior straps allow for additional support and prevents possible migration
  • Designed to help Osgood Schlater patients continue their activities with reduced pain


New Options Sports K18 Osgood Schlater Brace 

Antibody Wear Angle Shoulder Brace

  • Custom-made compression shoulder brace
  • Delivers compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption
  • Reduces the effects of mild shoulder separations, dislocations, joint instability and post-operative rehabilitation of shoulder joint
  • Reduces some of the effects of genetic shoulder instability relative to Elhers Danlos-syndrome


AntiBody Wear Angle Shoulder Brace 

Active Ankle Power Lacer

  • The highest level of lace-up support and protection
  • Unique Y-shaped vertical stabilization strap controls forefoot and heel
  • Pull and Play design for quick and easy use
  • Total-control lacing creates a better fit for a variety of foot shapes
 Active Ankle Power Lacer Ankle Brace


  • 1/8-inch neoprene with medial- and lateral-spiral stays for added support
  • Superior and inferior compression straps stabilize patella buttress and helps prevent migration
  • Universal tubular buttress may be trimmed and adjusted to allow for proper patella management
  • Ideal for mild patella tendonitis, chondromalacia or subluxations
New Options K14-D Patella Knee Stabilizer 

Mueller Sports Medicine Calf/Shin Splint Support

  • Lightweight support provides firm, comfortable compression to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with shin splints
  • Features wraparound design for easy on/off, and adjustable straps for a custom fit
  • Fully trimmed edges with smooth seams help prevent irritation and chafing
Mueller Sports Medicine Calf & Shin Splint Support
Injinji XR Performance Toesock
  • Has been created in conjunction with Tim Grover (ATTACK Athletics), president and cutting-edge pro trainer to Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade, Tracy McGrady and others
  • Precision Arch Support enables arches to recover faster, reduces fatigue and isolates individual muscles to ensure proper recovery
  • Features patented five-toe-sleeve Anatomical Interface System technology, which separates each toe with a thin layer of anti-friction fabric that minimizes rubbing to prevent moisture buildup, athlete’s foot, blisters and other common foot ailments
  • Comprised of 70% CoolMax freshFX™ anti-bacterial, odor-resistant and moisture-wicking fibers; 5% compression-enhancing Lycra®; and 25% strong, durable nylon
Injinji XR Performance Toesock 


  • Preset with collegiate and high school minimum body fat standards — automatically calculates minimum wrestling weights using ACSM and NCAA weight management guidelines
  • Class III NTEP approved — use at all of your wrestling meets
  • Built-in thermal printer or output to a computer (RS-232) for later analysis in Tanita Health Ware or other compatible software
  • Measurements include: BMI, body fat percentage, total body water percentage, BMR, fat mass, fat-free mass and weight


Tanita TBF-300WA Body Composition Analyzer 

New Options Sports K199 “THE SPOONER ” STRAP

  • Controls medial patella meniscus ligament (MPML) and medial patella femoral ligament (MPFL)
  • Easily allows retrofitting to most rigid braces on the market today without modifying the existing products
  • The “spooning” effect captures and controls the patella as a practical solution to common treatment issues with rigid braces
  • Cost effective way to prevent functional brace migration


New Options Sports K199 "The Spooner" Strap 

Mueller Sports Medicine Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace

  • Features wraparound design for easy on/off, adjustable straps above and below the knee and six sizes SM–XXXL for a custom fit. (Fits up to 28-inch thighs!)
  • Triaxial Hinges produce near-normal knee motion, allow full mobility and provide maximum medial lateral support and protection in all sports or activities
  • Brace includes lock-out option for complete immobilization and adjustable extension stops for limited range of motion if used as a rehab brace
  • Removable patella buttress can be modified as needed and the open back helps eliminate bunching behind the knee.
Mueller Sports Medicine Pro-Level Hinged Knee Brace 

Brain Pad Sanitizing Sports Chamber (NatureZone)

Kills bio-pathogens found on all types of mouth guards — kills MRSA, COLI, STREP, STAPH…in a fast, push-button cleaning cycle

Cleans smaller household items such as tooth brush heads, retainers and dentures

Uses ozone ion technology — the same technology used in hospitals around the world

Runs on batteries making the NatureZone 100-percent portable

Brain-Pad Sanitizing Chamber 

New Options Sports K196 SHARKTRAK

  • 1/8-inch UBL left of right short-profile knee wrap, which provides compressive support and warmth
  • Adjustable medial-lateral dynamic patella pull straps to help improve patella tracking
  • Sharkskin buttress material grips the skin to control patella
  • Four sizes fit most patients and reduces inventory and shelf space
New Options Sports k196 SharkTrak 

New Options Sports K67 “THE HYBRID"

  • Patented Hybrid Knee is half sleeve and half wrap-around
  • Anterior wrap-around thigh closure and slide on calf sleeve
  • Hinges can be repositioned anteriorly or posteriorly to provide custom fit for the athlete or patient with large, cone-shaped thigh
  • Cost-effective way to support the athlete or patient without going to a custom-made brace


New Options Sports K67 "The Hybrid""

Active Ankle AS1 Ankle Brace

  • Designed for comfort and mobility with greater support than tape
  • Dual-spring stays provide additional support and minimize heel release
  • Non-stretch nylon straps imitate the heel lock of traditional tape job
  • Polyurethane-coated nylon shell for improved resistance to wear
 Active Ankle AS1 Ankle Brace

New Options Sports E15 HY PERE XTEN SION ELBOW Strap

  • Designed to help prevent elbow hyperextension injuries from all sporting events
  • Thin 1/8-inch design with light aircraft aluminum arms and stainless steel body hinges
  • Adjustable E-Z-E bicep closure and lock with pre-flexion design
  • One continuous bottom strap with criss-cross lock for desired angle stop


New Options Sports E15 Hyperextension Elbow Strap 

Antibody Wear Bodyguard

  • 100-percent custom-made compression short
  • Delivers compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impacts absorption
  • Reduces the effects of impact trauma and severe bruising to the lower body
  • The 360-degree groin protector sewn into the crotch absorbs, spreads and dissipates strain in pelvic area
AntiBody Wear Bodyguard 


  • Perfect for establishing weight classes or measuring exact weight gain or loss
  • Class III NTEP approved for certifiable weight and does not lock-in weight
  • Capacity is 440 pounds/200 kilograms
  • Powered by AC adapter (included) or with six AA batteries (not included)


Tanita BWB-800AS Scale 

New Options Sports K195 “THE WINNER"

  • Ideal for atheletes and patients with patella tendonitis and Jumpers Knee
  • Universal UBL non-slip material with moldable aluminum pad for patella-femoral syndrome, Osgood Schlater and Runners Knee
  • Controls desired compression over tibial tuberosity or in the patella notch
  • Can be used to help prevent pain associated with diagnosis of the patella or displacement of pressure to bony prominences


New Options Sports K195

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