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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 11.18.10

Team Sports     Strategies

Sportsmanship is our focus in this issue of Team Sports Strategies. We're tackling this issue from a variety of angles, including video footage of the good, bad and ugly when it comes to on-field behavior. Of course, we're still providing you with some rock-solid Xs and Os, with a football article about creating defensive pressure and a basketball piece that breaks down the transition movements of one of the best team's in the country.

Following the intro video directly below are two hot products for you to consider for your team or athletic department. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin (

Hot Products Of The Week

Back Saver Ball CaddyBack Saver Ball Caddy

This large capacity ball caddy is a real back saver! The Deluxe Back Saver Ball Caddy from M.A.S.A. transports up to 300 baseballs for the most extended practice! The dolly style design tips back and rolls easily on the 10” diameter pneumatic tires, and features a convenient “handle bar” design for a comfortable grip. It is constructed from heavy wall, 1-3/8” diameter Flo-Coated galvanized steel tubing to eliminate rust and corrosion. Premium Osborne #72 braided nylon netting allows for years of trouble-free use. Click Here For More Information

Play it S.A.F.E.™ Concussion Program
Play it S.A.F.E.
Deciding when an athlete has fully recovered from a concussion and can safely return to play is a difficult challenge. The Play it S.A.F.E. concussion program from Biodex provides sideline assessment protocol to screen for a concussion during play. Additional elements to the program include baseline testing, follow-up evaluation and educational materials.  You can feel confident when determining “Can this athlete return to play?” Click Here For More Information

Coach & Athletic Director Sport Concussion


NEW FROM COACH AND ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Experts tell us it is indefensible to send a concussed player back to play or practice, but the indefensible regularly happens on American playing fields. This 16-page Special Report from the editors of Coach And Athletic Director delivers what every coach, player, parent and health care provider needs to know about "the invisible injury."


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