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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 1.13.11

Team Sports      Strategies

Welcome to this week's Team Sports Strategies, which features an-indepth piece on developing defensive backs in football, as well as soccer drills that focus on improving field vision. Our A.D.ministration deals with handling frustrations and the Beyond The Arena column dives deep into the specifics of sports psychology and coaches. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We're utilizing both of these feeds to provide you with the latest news and happens from all the trade shows this month, including the NSCAA (soccer), which is happening right now.

Following the intro video directly below are four hot products for you to consider for your team or athletic department. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin (

Rawlings NRG Quantum Helmet

4 Hot Products Of The Week

Rawlings NRG Quantum Helmet

The Rawlings NRG Quantum Helmet utilizes Rawlings AIA™, a proven impact management system with scientifically designed spacer material. It also features Rawlings C3™, an inflatable C3 liner that allows players to customize their helmets' fit based on specific needs.

The Ram Sled CompanyThe Ram Sled

The innovative products from The Ram Sled Company improve speed, flexibility, explosiveness, leg drive, mental toughness, hip strength and endurance. The company offers the Ram, Bear, Turfboard, Turfboard XL, Speed Sled, Harness, Indoor Push-Board and Wildcat. Click here for more information on The Ram Sled Company.  See below for a video of the products in action.

QB Triple Play

The QB Triple Play provides players with more repetitions in practice and allows them to reward a good route with a pass every time. The device allows the quarterback to carry three footballs at one time while keeping hands free. When the quarterback is flushed from the pocket, he can throw to comeback receivers, which is difficult with just one ball. Click here for more information on the QB Triple Play. To see the QB Triple Play in action, check out the video below.

Legend Fitness Trap Shrug/Lunge/Deadlift #6008
Legend Fitness
One of the most unique and versatile members of the entire LeverEDGE line, the 6008 provides a variety of exercises for both upper and lower body, such as trap shrugs, lunges, split lunges, deadlifts and one-legged squat lunges. There are four integrated weight-storage pegs, dual handles for narrow- and wide-grip positioning, thickly padded ankle rollers for squat lunges and much more. Click here for more information on the LeverEDGE 6008.


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