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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 11.4.10

Team Sports    Strategies

Click through this issue of Team Sports Strategies for a basketball zone defense, a Powerline article dealing with focusing on priorities, The Winning Edge column that touches upon coaching today's  athlete, an in-depth look at what's lurking in your locker rooms and a Mike Check column about old-school coaches in the new age of today's athlete.

Following the intro video directly below are two hot products for you to consider for your team or athletic department. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin (

Hot Products Of The Week

Sports Attack Hack AttackSports Attack

Hack Attack from Sports Attack is a unique baseball pitching machine that features three-wheel design so players can see the ball clearly throughout the entire process. With a quick turn on the dials, the machine throws major league fastballs, as well as right- and left-handed breaking pitches such as curveballs, sliders and split fingers.

An elevation adjustment raises and lowers the pitch and the throwing head pivots in any direction for all fungo work.


Russell Athletic XC & XP Cloth Sublimated Uniforms
Russell Sublimated Uniforms

Coming to you for Fall 2011, Russell Athletic XC & Xp Cloth Sublimated uniforms. Russell Athletic now has the ability for you to customize their top-of-the-line uniforms with a personalized design. Using your own team colors and design will give a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Constructed with our unique, yet high-quality, full-compression moisture-wicking fabric, these jerseys and pants are proven on the field of play. Choose from one of Russell's predetermined mascot concepts or submit your own logo.

These uniforms will be ready for the 2011 football season!


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