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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 12.2.10

Team Sports      Strategies

We're taking a look at social media in this issue of Team Sports Strategies. Learn how you can generate revenue from social media and also be sure to stay one step ahead of your players when it comes to what they're posting online. Also, we're digging deep into the unbalanced stack within the double-wing football offense and how to truly measure the success of your program.

Following the intro video directly below are two hot products for you to consider for your team or athletic department. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin (

Hot Products Of The Week

Active Ankle Excel Lace Up Ankle BraceActive Ankle

For athletes who prefer the comfort and mobility of a lace up brace but desire the added support and security of the traditional tape job. The unique circumferential lacing system tightens all the way around the brace for a better conforming and more comfortable fit. Click here to check out the Excel Lace Up Ankle Brace from Active Ankle.  

My Bench Buddy Bench-Press Safety Device
My Bench Buddy
My Bench Buddy was developed for use during the bench press with special attention to safety and performance. It utilizes a highly durable, closed-cell foam technology and is engineered to firmly fit a 1-inch Olympic-size bar. It features a washable neoprene sleeve with a secure velcro connection. Check out the video of My Bench Buddy in action below.

Posted from: , 12/2/10 at 9:32 PM CST
Love this product.. Would never use bench press or any bar without MBB and make sure that the my sons use it in our home gym and at their school weight rooms. Inexpensive and potentially life saving product that should be on every bench press bar!

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