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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 12.30.10

Team Sports      Strategies

Welcome to this week's Team Sports Strategies, which features three complementary plays to the wishbone triple-option, two basketball plays from Villanova men's coach Jay Wright, a Powerline feature on conditioning, a column from associate publisher Michael Podoll about unique marketing strategies to earn your program big money and much more. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates from the AFCA, ABCA and NSCAA conventions in early January.

Following the intro video directly below are four hot products for you to consider for your team or athletic department. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin (

4 Hot Products Of The Week

Pellerin Milnor V-Series Washers-ExtractorsPellerin Milnor

The V-Series features RinSave water-saver software to eliminate excessive rinse and intermediate extract steps. The process allows precise G-force to "sling" water, chemistry and soil out of goods between the last wash step and rinse cycle. Click here for more information on the Pellerin Milnor V-Series.

McDavid 757 HEXPAD Thudd Short™
McDavid 757 HEXPAD Thudd Short
This short reduces the build up of lactic acid in the muscles, providing less soreness, cramping and fatigue. The HEXPAD® MC thigh, hip and tailbone protection conforms to and stretches with the body for continuous protection. The HydraVent hDc™ Moisture Management Technology keeps athletes cool and dry. Click here for more information on the McDavid 757 HEXPAD Thudd Short™.



My Bench Buddy Bench-Press Safety Device
My Bench Buddy
My Bench Buddy was developed for use during the bench press with special attention to safety and performance. It utilizes a highly durable, closed-cell foam technology and is engineered to firmly fit a 1-inch Olympic-size bar. It features a washable neoprene sleeve with a secure velcro connection. Check out the video of My Bench Buddy in action below.

Cramer ThermoFlo Max™
Cramer Thermoflo Max
This product only utilizes water potable or FDA-approved parts. It extends the safety and dependability of the Cramer PowerFlo™ line of hydration units. The ThermoFlo Max pairs dual 30-foot copper coils with a 120-gallon cooler. Click here for more information on the Cramer ThermoFlo Max™.


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