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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 3.10.11

Team Sports       Strategies

Welcome to this week's Team Sports Strategies, which is putting the focus on building successful athletic program this week, as well as understanding progressive overload in an in-depth Powerline feature. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Senior Editor Michael Austin uses the space below to discuss the benefits of using the local media to your advantage. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin ( 

Hot Products Of The WeekRawlings NRG Quantum Helmet

Rawlings NRG Quantum Helmet  

The Rawlings NRG Quantum Helmet utilizes Rawlings AIA™, a proven impact management system with scientifically designed spacer material. It also features Rawlings C3™, an inflatable C3 liner that allows players to customize their helmets' fit based on specific needs.

Everwhite® Athletic Whiteboards


The Everwhite Athletic Whiteboards are great for strength-and-conditioning charts, training goals, court diagrams and offensive and defensive play charts. These boards are fully customizable and can display any graphics, such as team logos, mascots or photos. The graphics are embedded under the dry-erase surface for a smooth writing area. Click here for more information on Everwhite Athletic Whiteboards.

The Gun By Shoot-A-WayThe Gun by Shoot-A-Way: 8000 Series

The new three-step touch-screen programming allows the user to adapt the shooting workout. A touch screen indicates the spots where the user wants passes to go, to set the time between passes and set the number of makes required per spot. The Gun features a see-through, adjustable-height net and swivels for full perimeter shooting. Click here for more information on the 8000 Series.
See below for the Tom Izzo Gun Drill.

The Ram Sled Company Indoor Push Boards

The Ram Sled Company is offering its indoor push boards, which are great for use on gym floors or wrestling mats. Check out these products in action below.


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