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Team Sports Strategies - Welcome - 4.21.11

Team Sports       Strategies

Welcome to this week's Team Sports Strategies, with a focus on football, strength training, motivation and much more. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Senior Editor Michael Austin uses the space below to discuss how coaches earn respect from their players. Send all feedback about Team Sports Strategies to Coach & Athletic Director senior editor Michael Austin ( 

Hot Products Of The Week 

Legend Fitness Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row

Legend Fitness Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row 

The Unilateral Diverging Seated Vertical Row by Legend Fitness is a great way for players to work their back and arms without a spotter and in within a small footprint. The unilateral design keeps a strong arm from compensating for a weak arm, and the adjustable pads, multiple grips and multiple footing options keep the body mechanics honest for a variety of body types.



The BearClaw™

With concussions as a major concern for football coaches, there is a new tool available to help train linemen without the repeated blows to the head they typically suffer in practice. The BearClaw is a portable (only weight 3.5 pounds), realistic (simulates game motion, resistance and reaction time), cost-effective and safe (teaches proper blocking technique) tool. For more information on the BearClaw, click here. See it in action in the video below.

Wenger AirProWenger GearBoss® AirPro™ Lockers

New GearBoss® AirPro™ lockers give your team rooms the ultimate in ventilation, sanitation and space usage. They create team rooms that stand apart with a durable grid design and multiple color options. They mount off the floor for thorough cleaning. Integrated seats remove the need for space-consuming benches. AirPro lockers offer a level of functionality and aesthetics that simply can't be matched by press-metal lockers.


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