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Team Sports Strategies: Ben Davis 2 Best Football Plays: 12-15-2011

Ben Davis’s 2 Best Football Plays

Ben Davis High School (Indianapolis, Ind.) football coach Mike Kirschner utilizes a run-first offense with his Giants. He says his best play is Power and his second best is Veer. Here are how those two plays break down and the player responsibilities.


The keys to this play, according to Kirschner, are:

  1. Movement at the point of attack.
  2. Depth and speed of the puller.
  3. Get the ball deep to the tailback.
  4. Get in the hole before making a move.

Here are the player responsibilities:

Play-Side Tackle. Combo a 3-technique or a 5-technique up to the second level.

Play-Side Guard. Combo the first defender on or past the ball up to the second level.

Center. Combo a shade defender up to second level.

Backside Guard. Lead pull to first window. Turn and block the first defender to show.

Backside Tackle. Win the play-side gap. Cut the backside 3-technique or wider.

Tight End. Gap block rules. Block the first defender inside your alignment. Combo a 5-technique.

Fullback. Use J-path to kick out a 9-technique defensive end. If there is a 7-technique defensive end, lead on No. 4.

Tailback. Take a lateral step and attack downhill to follow the pulling guard.

Quarterback. Drop step to five or seven steps. Extend the ball deep to the TB and carry out a play-action fake.

Here are the blocking schemes for Power to the TE side and to the quick side.

Power 1
DIAGRAM 1: Power To The TE Side Vs. Weak.

Power 2
DIAGRAM 2: Power To The Quick Side Vs. Weak.



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