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Team Sports Strategies: Ben Davis 2 Best Football Plays part two: 12-15-2011

Ben Davis’s 2 Best Football Plays


The keys to this play, according to Kirschner, are:

  1. Option the first down defender 5-technique or wider.
  2. No penetration.
  3. Smart splits on the give read.
  4. The QB read.
  5. Tag when to pitch.

Here are the player responsibilities:

Play-Side Tackle. Block or combo the first defender in your alignment.

Play-Side Guard. Combo the first down defender past the ball.

Center. Combo the nearest down defender.

Backside Guard. Combo backside A-gap down defender to the near linebacker.

Backside Tackle. Win the play-side gap and climb to the second level.

Tight End. Inside release 9-technique on defensive end. Outside release a 7-technique on the defensive end if that player is the read key (in a triangle in the diagrams).

Fullback. When in the shotgun, take a lateral step, slam the A-gap, align on the inside leg of the tackle. When in the I-formation, take a lateral step and slam the A-gap.

Tailback. When in the shotgun, arc behind the QB and pitch phase. In the I-formation, take an open step and pitch phase.

Quarterback. When in the shotgun, catch the snap, place eyes on the give read and step toward the FB. When in the I-formation, open to 5/7, place eyes on the give read and place the ball in the FB’s belly.

Here are the blocking schemes for Veer to the TE side and to the quick side.

DIAGRAM 3: Veer To TE Side Vs. Weak.

DIAGRAM 4: Veer To Quick Side Vs. Weak.



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