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80th Anniversary: Eight Decades Strong
A look back at the impact of Coach And Athletic Director, as well as the passing of former editor Herman L. Masin.

COVER STORY: Balanced Attack
Larry Kehres manages to balance being a football coach, athletic director, AFCA president and family man all while achieving tremendous success on and off the field.

AFCA On-Field Football Forum
Unbalanced Stack turbocharges the double-wing

Beyond the Arena By Mike Austin
Still evolving after 80 years

A.D.Ministration By Dr. David Hoch
When delegating isn't possible

Powerline By Ken Mannie
Hard facts on hard gainers

The Winning Edge By Jeff Janssen
6 steps you must take to stop hazing

Sports Medicine Spotlight
The core is the keystone

Strategy Spotlight: Basketball
Beat zone defenses with interior screens

Strategy Spotlight: Cross Country
Increase speed with 200-meter track workout

"Mike Check" By Mike Podoll
John Q. Public called — and he hates y


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