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Being "Smart on the Ball:" 13 Advanced Turns for Soccer Players

With Jason Vittrup, U.S. Soccer, "A" License, Graduate of the Brazilian Football Academy

  • Train a quick-decision mindset with your players
  • Improve defender awareness
  • Includes how to better organize a training session

Being "smart on the ball" is one of the most basic skills needed in any fundamentally sound program. So being able to improve these skills is essential to being successful on the field. By being able to receive the ball and quickly deciding what to do with it provides teams with an asset that will pay dividends in the win column. Jason Vittrup's insightful instruction focuses on this important subject by teaching and demonstrating over a dozen advanced turns that skilled players must have in their repertoire, including knowing where the defender is on field and how to make quick effective decisions with the ball. It provides coaches with a detailed description of how to organize a training session, as well as plenty of detailed diagrams and thorough on-field demonstrations. This unique instructional DVD will provide you with countless hours of practice material as well as effective drills that will keep your players looking forward to game day.

49 minutes.





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