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  • football injury
    April 20, 2015

    Promoting ethics in high school sports

    by Dr. David Hoch

    The concept of ethics is really fairly easy to define. In simple terms, it is doing what is right — not one time, but all the time and under all conditions. The problems come with interpretations and personalities, and athletics, by nature, is extremely competitive, which makes things a little more complicated. Therefore, not everyone may be ethical. Since the philosophy of education-based athletics and sportsmanship are critical pieces a...

  • basketball huddle
    April 16, 2015

    The five leaders every team needs

    by Jeff Janssen

    Finding and developing just one effective leader can be challenging enough for most teams. However, in actuality, you really need five kinds of leaders if your program is going to be successful on and off the playing field: performance leaders, locker room leaders, social leaders, organizational leaders and reserve leaders. While some of the five leadership functions can overlap and be fulfilled by the same person, each of them has a slightly ...

  • baseball taiwan
    April 13, 2015

    Coach like you’re speaking a different language

    by Darren Fenster

    Each of the past two offseasons, I had the pleasure of traveling to the other side of the world to run a week-long camp for 40 of Taiwan’s best high school baseball players, as identified by the Chinese Taipei Baseball Federation. This is basically Taiwan’s equivalent of the USA Baseball National Team trials here in the states, with a bit more emphasis on instruction than competition. The original opportunity came in the fall of 2013 when ...

  • lacrosse coach
    April 9, 2015

    Keeping your coaches

    by Kevin Hoffman

    Ask any athletic director what makes their program so special, and most will talk about the coaches. They’re the ones on the ground floor, working day in and day out with the student-athletes. That’s why it can be so devastating for a department when there’s constant turnover, providing little continuity and consistency within the programs. One of the biggest challenges facing athletic directors is hiring and retaining coaches who hav...

  • online education
    April 6, 2015

    Climbing the career ladder

    by Kevin Hoffman

    Obtaining a master’s degree can significantly jumpstart the career of any graduate assistant or aspiring coach, but finding the time can be difficult. That’s something more colleges and universities with sports administration programs are attempting to address. Online programs and degrees that can be earned in a short period of time are becoming more popular, as those in the industry try to balance their coursework with the hectic sched...

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